We have a wide network of suppliers and worked worldwide on parts, accessories and equipment with very competitive prices. The quality value is the primary value we require to conduct business with suppliers.

This network includes Original brand suppliers, OEM and alternatives.


Process analysis of suppliers:

  1. The Supplier Quality Department (SQA) Purchasing, written request to the provider the certificate of Quality Management System in accordance with ISO9001: 2000.
  2. Supplier Quality Department (SQA) Purchasing include this in the List of Approved Suppliers and in the Planning and Monitoring the Expiration Dates.
  3. Should the Supplier not have the ISO 9,001:2000, the Supplier Quality Department (SQA) will ask for a Purchasing Procurement Planning including dates and these data will be included in the Planning Assessment Monitoring Non Certified Provider ISO9001: 2000. In both cases also prompted for a planning Retrieval ISO.
  4. If the Supplier does not have any certification we proceed to perform an audit on their premises.